The magic of Zambia!


Zambia! Except from having some of Africa’s best wildlife and game reserves, the country is also home to:

• Over 3,500 species of wild flowering plants

• A total of 242 mammalian species , with most endemic ones occupying the woodland and grassland ecosystems. The Thornicroft Giraffe and Kafue Lechwe are some of the well-known subspecies that are endemic to Zambia.

• Almost 800 bird species, of which 600 are either resident or Afrotropic migrants. Chaplin’s Barbet, White-chested Tinkerbird, Black-cheeked Lovebird and Shelley’s Sunbird are just some of the special species of Zambia.

• Roughly 490 known fish species, belonging to 24 fish families with Lake Tanganyika having the highest diversity and most endemic species

Let’s show you a bit of the magic in Zambia…

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