Unique wildlife, Birds, Chameleons, the famous Lemurs and so much more…!

Madagascar, off Africa’s eastern coast in the Indian Ocean, is the world’s fourth-largest island and sits at the top of many nature lovers’ bucket list of places to visit on the planet.

Here you will get the opportunity to experience over 100 endemic bird species,  750 species of endemic orchids,  the famous lemurs and unique wildlife of which over 90% of is found nowhere else on earth!   The island also boasts a remarkable array of endemic flora, reptiles, frogs and two-thirds of the world’s chameleons.  This is the reason Madagascar has often been called an “alternate world” or “a world apart”, or even the “Eighth Continent”.

Take a peek of what you can expect when joining us there on tour:

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See more detail about the trip on Madagascar Wildlife Safari or enquire directly at info@naturetravelafrica.com


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