Madagascar Wildlife Safari

Safari Overview
Unique, extraordinary, special, exceptional, unparalleled, incomparable…

All these words describe the Indian Ocean island country of Madagascar, and the reason it sits at the top of many nature lovers’ bucket list of places to visit on the planet. The combination of bizarrely unique wildlife, stunning reefs and pristine beaches, fascinating culture, over 100 endemic bird species, delicious local cuisine, amazing scenic diversity, 750 species of endemic orchids, some of the best chocolate in the world and of course, the famous lemurs, makes visiting the biodiversity hotspot of Madagascar an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Phenomenally, over 90% of the island’s wildlife is found nowhere else on earth! This is the reason Madagascar has often been called an “alternate world”, “a world apart” or even the “Eighth Continent”.

This 13 day safari will visit three key wildlife reserves and will highlight the absolute best of what this fascinating island country has to offer, including its incomparable natural beauty and unbelievable fauna and flora. Magical Madagascar will undeniably leave an indelible mark on you forever.
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Tour info:
Safari starts and ends in Antananarivo
Price: EUR 5500 per person sharing
*Excludes Internal flights – prices to be confirmed at the time of booking
Duration: 13 days/12 nights
Type of accommodation: Comfortable / Mid-range
Next Group departure date: TBC
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• Kirindy Forest-
Home of the Fossa, the mythical Baobabs and more
• Berenty Reserve-
Unique dry spiny forest reserve with Ring-tailed Lemurs galore
• Andasibe-Mantadia National Park-
• Beautiful forest reserve with top birds and the Indri
• Utterly unique fauna and flora
• Stunning scenery
• Friendly locals and truly excellent cuisine

Top Mammals:
Numerous species of lemur
Ring-tailed Lemur
Lowland Streaked Tenrec and other tenrecs
Madagascan Fruit Bat

Top Birds:
Cuckoo Roller
Blue and Red-breasted Coua
Nuthatch, Helmet and Bernier’s Vanga
Meller’s Duck
Madagascan Fish Eagle

Day 1 Arrival on Madagascar (Antananarivo), transfer to hotel
Day 2 Fly to Morondava, transfer to Kirindy Forest
Day 3-4 Kirindy Forest
Day 5 Kirindy Forest, transfer to Morondava, fly to Antananarivo
Day 6 Fly to Fort Dauphin, transfer to Berenty Reserve
Day 7-8 Berenty Reserve
Day 9 Berenty Reserve, transfer to Fort Dauphin, fly to Antananarivo
Day 10 Antananarivo to Andasibe-Mantadia National Park
Day 11 Andasibe-Mantadia National Park
Day 12 Andasibe-Mantadia National Park to Antananarivo
Day 13 End of Tour and Departure

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