Our Safari Destinations

We love Africa and our favourite experience is the one where we take you on one of our African Safaris and Tours, showing you everything that is so magical about the continent.

With many years of expert-guiding safaris in Africa, we have put together tailormade wildlife safaris, birding tours and active safaris that ticks all the boxes for that perfect Africa experience.

We are also specialists in customised trips and will put together your dream Africa safari according to your travel dates, requirements and specifications.  Imagine the bucket list East Africa Migration, Camping in Botswana, seeing the famous Lemurs in Madagascar, the Gorillas in Uganda, witnessing the abundant wildlife in Etosha National Park, the Big Five in South Africa, exploring the unspoilt wilderness in Zimbabwe and sitting around the campfire in South Luangwa.  The list of unforgettable experiences that awaits you in Africa is endless.

Whether you want to go on a wildlife safari, birding tour, conservation safari, active safari or maybe even a combination of these, we guarantee an unforgettable experience with the Nature Travel Africa Team.
We can’t wait to take you to Africa.

Choose your Africa destination below to see what we offer in that specific country. 

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Ready to start planning your Africa Safari?

You can also get in touch with our Africa safari expert for a quick enquiry or any other information at info@naturetravelafrica.com