South Africa

Big 5, Mammals, Birding, Natural Beauty, Fauna & Flora…everything in abundance, that is South Africa.
When you embark on a South Africa Safari, there are so many hidden gems that you can explore, including 297 species of mammals (including the Big Five), 22,000 higher plant species, a bird count of at least 858 species, 447 species of reptile and 132 species of amphibians. Definitely one of the best wildlife and nature destinations in Africa!

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Wildlife Safari Experiences:
On these safaris, your guide will take you on a personalised tour to the best game reserves and parks where the wildlife sightings will take your breath away. Going on safari in Africa and specifically, South Africa offers a diverse experience where you will not only get the chance to see the unique wildlife and mammals but you will be treated to some of the best birding, fauna and flora and landscapes in Africa. We make sure to incorporate all the highlights of the area, showing you everything that is extraordinary about South Africa. To start your day with the sun rising and ending it with those unbelievable sunsets is a once in a lifetime experience. Let’s go on safari in South Africa.
    South Africa Safaris    South Africa Safaris    South Africa Safaris   

Birding Tours:
Our expert-guided birding tours explore the diverse range of bird-rich habitats in South Africa. The country offers amazing birding opportunities with 840 bird species which is about 8% of the world’s total bird species.  

South Africa Safaris        South Africa Safaris    South Africa Safaris

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