Choose one of Africa’s top destinations for your next African Safari: Botswana!
On our Botswana Safaris and tours you will experience the best of Africa’s top predators, the elephant paradise in Chobe, wonderful wildlife, an abundance of plains game, exceptional birding…all with the backdrop of the breathtaking landscapes of this beautiful country.

Keep in mind that we also specialize in customized trips throughout Africa. If you don’t see something here that suits your travel plans or safari wishlist, let us put together your own safari for you.

Browse through our list of go-to safaris and tours, carefully put together by our expert team.

Wildlife Safari Experiences:
From Wildlife Camping to Luxury Safiri options, on these personalised safaris, our expert-guide will take you to the best game reserves in Botswana. Here you will experience wildlife sightings that will take your breath away. On top of the wonderful wildlife, we make sure to incorporate all the highlights of Botswana, showing you extraordinary birds, fauna and flora and mammals. Making sure your day starts and ends with beautiful landscapes, you are guaranteed a dream African safari experience.

Boyswana-Camping-Safari         Luxury-Botswana-Safari               

Birding Tours:
Birding in Botswana will exceed all your wildest expectations.  From a luxury birding experience in Botswana to a unique birding tour taking you on a wonderful birding journey through Nambia, Botswana and Zambia with our expert guide.  We take pride in the personal touch of our birding tours, not only focusing on the birds we want to see but to make sure your overall experience with us is unforgettable. Let’s go birding in Botswana!


Whether you are opting for one of our tailormade itineraries or want to customize your own safari, we are here to assist with any enquiries you might have.
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