When you think about Uganda safaris, you imagine Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Big Game, Spectacular Birding, Vibrant Culture…the list goes on. “The Pearl of Africa”, Uganda, offers all of this and so much more!
Our Uganda Safaris offers very special wildlife viewing, including many primate species and Africa’s Big Five. That is just the beginning of what the country offers. Wonderful birding opportunities, excellent coffee, beautiful scenery and friendly people is part of the reason that this is such a popular destination.

Keep in mind that we also specialize in customized trips throughout Africa. If you don’t see something here that suits your travel plans or safari wishlist, let us put together your own safari for you.

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Wildlife Safari Experiences:
Our expert-guided personalised safari offers once-in-a-lifetime wildlife sighting and birding experiences and of course the bucket list opportunity of seeing the Gorillas and Chimpanzees of Uganda. Some of the most beautiful national parks in Africa are included in this safari.

Birding Tours:
Boasting several fantastic birding sites and an incredible 1,020 species, accounting for half of the total number found in Africa. Our expert-guided, personalised Uganda Birding Tour promises to be an unforgettable birding experience.


Active Safari Adventures:
There are wonderful marathons to take part in all over the world but nothing compares to being in Africa and having the chance to combine your marathon with a safari experience. Just imagine completing the Uganda Marathon and ending your time here with a unique wildlife safari experience that includes some bucket list Gorilla sightings.

Whether you are opting for one of our itineraries or want to customize your own safari, we are here to assist with any enquiries you might have.
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