Malawi Birding Tour

Safari Overview
Malawi, formerly known as Nyasaland, is a small, landlocked country in south-central Africa with breathtaking scenery, friendly people, a great safety record, incredible wildlife and top birding opportunities. This makes it one of the top African destinations for any wildlife enthusiast, and the mysterious fact that the country is greatly undervisited and therefore quieter than other safari destinations, makes it even more perfect for birders.

Birding in Malawi is mostly centred around protected areas as there is little natural vegetation outside the national parks and protected pockets of forests. Malawi offers over 650 bird species, which is an impressive number for such a small country. Although there is only one endemic and a mere handful of near-endemic species in the country, there are many others that are difficult to see elsewhere on the continent, as well as an array of Palearctic and intra-African migrants.

On this 12 day birding tour the main focus will be the two major National Parks of Malawi (Liwonde and Nyika), as well as the Miombo woodlands at Dzalanyama and the stunning Zomba plateau. The tour also includes a day at the famous Lake Malawi. We can expect to see well over 300 species of birds, as well as some of Africa’s Big Five, many other rare mammals, stunning scenery, and we’ll enjoy the warm and friendly attitude of the people of Malawi. Let’s go birding!
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Safari starts in Blantyre and ends in Lilongwe
Tour duration: 12 days / 11 nights
Type of accommodation: Comfortable, mid-range
Next departure dates: To be confirmed
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Top Attractions:
Zomba plateau-
stunning scenery, great forest birding, and home to Malawi’s only endemic bird species
Liwonde National Park-
a hidden gem of a riverfront park with fantastic big game and special birds
Dzalanyama Forest Reserve-
simply the best miombo birding spot in all of Malawi
Nyika National Park-
high altitude wonderland filled with rare antelope and top birds
Lake Malawi-
stunning beaches, more fish species than any other lake on Earth, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Top Birds:
• Yellow-throated Apalis
• White-winged Apalis
• Thyolo and White-chested Alethe
• East Coast and Sharpe’s Akalat
• Olive-flanked Ground Robin
• Böhm’s Bee-eater
• Livingstone’s Flycatcher
• Böhm’s Flycatcher
• Lilian’s Lovebird
• Racket-tailed Roller
• Pale-billed Hornbill
• Stierling’s Woodpecker
• Whyte’s Barbet
• Brown-breasted and White-eared Barbet
• Souza’s Shrike
• Pel’s Fishing Owl
• African Skimmer
• Wattled Crane
• Black-lored and Churring Cisticola
• Forest Sunbird
• Whyte’s Double-collared Sunbird
• Vincent’s Bunting

Top Mammals:
• African Elephant
• African Buffalo
• Black Rhinoceros
• Leopard (small chance)
• Roan & Sable Antelope
• Blue Monkey
• Crawshay’s Zebra

Optional Activities:
• Night game drive in Nyika National Park

Day 1 Start of safari in Blantyre, transfer to Thyolo area
Day 2 Zomba Plateau
Day 3 Transfer to Liwonde National Park
Day 4 Liwonde National Park
Day 5 Transfer to Dzalanyama Forest Reserve
Day 6 Dzalanyama Forest Reserve
Day 7 Transfer to Nyika National Park
Day 8 & 9 Nyika National Park
Day 10 Transfer to Lake Malawi
Day 11 Lake Malawi
Day 12 Transfer to Lilongwe and Departure

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