Tanzania Birding Tour

Safari Overview
Tanzania, probably the most famous classic African safari destination, is a highly biodiverse country that contains a wide variety of animal habitats, including the famous central savanna plateau, forested highlands and a long coastline. Tanzania is home to about 310 mammal, 130 amphibian and over 275 reptile species, many of them strictly endemic.

It is also a very important country ornithologically. It has one of the largest species lists of any African country, almost 1,100, of which over 800 species are resident and nearly 200 are regular migrants. 21 species are endemic to Tanzania and a further 43 species are near-endemic.

Tanzania’s 80 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) cover a total of more than 167,000 km2 or about 18% of the land area, and the country also boasts 16 national parks and wildlife reserves. In fact, an incredible 38% of Tanzania’s land is protected in parks and reserves!

On this 15 day tour we will not only visit some of the best birding hotspots in the country, but also enjoy classic “Out of Africa” landscapes, fantastic Big Five wildlife, geological wonders, cultural richness and amazing Afro-Arab-Indian cuisine. Let’s go birding!
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Safari starts and ends at Kilimanjaro International Airport, Arusha
Tour duration: 15 days / 14 nights
Type of accommodation: Comfortable, mid-range
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Top Attractions:
East and West Usambara Mountains –
Incredibly scenic and the “Galápagos of Africa” in terms of species diversity, especially the avian kind
Mkomazi National Park –
Semi-arid park known for Black Rhino and African Wild Dog conservation, as well as 450 species of birds
Ngorongoro Conservation Area –
UNESCO World Heritage Site and filled with fauna and flora from crater rim to floor
Lake Manyara National Park –
Stunning scenery, lots of flamingos, and much more
Tarangire National Park –
Dry season wonderland of elephants, Baobab trees, termite mounds and special birds

Top Birds:
• Usambara Eagle-owl
• Sokoke Scops Owl
• Usambara Hyliota
• Rufous-tailed and Usambara Weaver
• Usambara Akalat
• Usambara Thrush
• Beesley’s Lark
• Yellow-collared Lovebird
• Amani Sunbird
• Banded Green Sunbird
• Usambara Double-collared Sunbird
• Long-billed Forest Warbler
• Ashy and Superb Starling
• Red-throated Tit
• Spot-throat Tit

Top Mammals:
• African Elephant
• African Buffalo
• Lion
• Leopard
• Black Rhinoceros
• African Wild Dog
• Cheetah

Optional Activities:
• Night walk for chameleons at Amani Nature Reserve

Day 1 Start of tour at Kilimanjaro International Airport, transfer to Arusha
Day 2 Arusha to Amani Nature Reserve (East Usambaras)
Day 3 & 4 Amani Nature Reserve (East Usambaras)
Day 5 Amani Nature Reserve to Lushoto (West Usambaras)
Day 6 Lushoto (West Usambaras)
Day 7 Lushoto to Same, birding along the way
Day 8 Same (birding in Mkomazi National Park)
Day 9 Same to Arusha
Day 10 Arusha to Ngorongoro Crater
Day 11 Ngorongoro Crater
Day 12 Full day birding at Lake Manyara National Park
Day 13 Ngorongoro Crater to Tarangire National Park
Day 14 Tarangire National Park
Day 15 Tarangire National Park to Kilimanjaro International Airport and Departure

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